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Contact lenses: Better Alternative For Wearing Glasses

August 03, 2022

Contact lenses: Better Alternative For Wearing Glasses

Whether you are farsighted, nearsighted, you have astigmatism or presbyopia, eyeglasses are a definite must-have in order to go through your day with clear vision. But there are a lot of activities that can be a hassle to do when using eyeglasses. So if you are thinking of switching or want an alternative, you should consult your optometrist about eye contacts.

The only question is "Are contact lenses the right eyewear for you?". The best way to decide is to ask your optometrist about this but there is no harm with a little research beforehand. Continue reading to learn the advantages offered by contact lenses and things that you need to remember when getting started.


  • Wider Visual Access

  • Nothing beats having a wider and clearer field of vision. Unlike glasses where you see the edge of the frame in the corner of your eye, contact lenses are thin discs that sit on top of your eye in order to correct your vision.


    Since contact lenses move with your eyes, it naturally allows a field of vision akin to your normal range. No distortions, no frames, just you and the scene ahead of you.

  • Better Eye Comfort

  • Contact lenses are designed and continuously upgraded with new technology in order to deliver comfort and clear vision at the same time. They are meticulously made with premium materials and techniques in order to wear them with ease at any time permitted.


    With proper fitting, they even feel like they are not there in the first place. Vision and comfort- I wouldn’t say no to that!

  • Look Good. Feel Good

  • Glasses are great but with the frames blocking your face, a lot of people find it easier to dress up and create new looks with contact lenses rather than glasses. 


    For females, contacts also make it easier to apply make-up and eyelash extensions. What’s more, is that you will be able to wear sunglasses with contacts. A great piece of accessory for trendy people with a specific sense of style.

    If you also want to try new looks, then similar to how glasses frames have different designs, coloured contact lenses offer a change in your eye colour but provide eye correction for clearer vision. Isn’t that exciting?
    Tip: We can only guarantee your satisfaction if and only if you have ordered the exact prescription, lens style, brand, and colour specification as prescribed by your optometrist. 

    Ask your optometrist to get some free trials. A consultation fee may apply.

  • Avoid fogging up

  • With the ongoing pandemic, wearing a mask has been a common exercise for some of us in order to avoid getting infected. Due to this, wearing glasses and a mask at the same time can result in your glasses fogging up.


    Even with drinking your morning coffee, your glasses quickly fog up and you have to wipe them down every time. Such a hassle, I know. 

    But with contact lenses, whether it is cold, rainy, or you are drinking a hot cup of joe, they just don’t fog up.

  • Excellent for Physical Activities

  • The freedom to move and have an active lifestyle cannot be attained with glasses due to their restrictive design. If you run or jump around, regular glasses can easily sleep and slide making them uncomfortable and not fit for an active lifestyle.


    On the other hand, contacts are lighter and provide more freedom for you to move and run with ease. Upon wearing, contacts won’t bounce unlike glasses when you jump and they won’t sleep off easily since they sit on top of your eyes.

    A great alternative indeed, if ever you want to go to the gym, go for a hike, and do contact sports on a regular basis.

  • Designed to correct refractive errors

  • Most contact lenses are able to correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. They are specifically designed to fit your eyes and fix your vision while providing the best comfort possible. It’s like they are not even there in the first place!


    Note: This is why it is important to check with your optometrist which contact lens brand and prescription are fit for your eyes because different brands and types have different materials and technology.


    Free Man in Red Polo Shirt Thought a Good Idea Stock Photo

    Before starting, contact lens requires in-depth examinations and follow-ups with your optometrist. This is to ensure that you are able to use the prescribed lenses without issue and can wear them comfortably throughout the given period.


    You must follow the contact lens-wearing schedule. As mentioned earlier, contact lenses are available in dailies, fortnightlies, and monthlies.

      • Dailies or 1 Day lenses are disposable lenses and can only be used once per day.

      • Fortnightlies are lenses that can be used for approximately two weeks only.

      • Monthlies, as the name implies, can last for a whole month.


        Lens care requires time and effort, especially for fortnightly and monthlies. Since these two types of lenses can be used not just once, proper care, cleaning, and storage are necessary to keep the lenses fresh and ready to use for the next few days.


        Carefully follow the schedule for throwing lenses. Just as how you should keep your lenses safe, proper disposal is also a must. You should not try and flush it down a toilet! These are made from microplastics that can harm marine life. You can ask your optometrist for more details. 


        Always order as prescribed by the optometrist. Prescription contact lenses are prescribed medical devices and you should not self-prescribe to avoid any potential harm to your eyes. It is much better to get your eyes checked and buy your contact lens stock with a certified contact lens supplier like us- Anytime Contacts.



        Contact lenses offer a lot of benefits and are a great alternative to glasses. They are safe, comfortable and convenient to wear especially for people who are looking for something new. They also offer better vision correction than glasses due to their superior technology. 

        However, contact lens wear can be quite tricky for beginners, so it is best to educate yourself before ordering them. We care for your ocular health so ask a professional to help you with your first contact lens experience.

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